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What are my options for paying for the course?
You can either pay in one lump sum or you can pay in weekly installments. 

How does the installment planning work?
Depending on the tuition of the course you are interested in, the price will be divided equally into 10 installments paid once a week, starting on the date of enrollmen...

I'm stuck on the price of the course, because so far, buying all the test prep materials has been expensive. Do you have any advice?
Sign up if you think this class can get you to your goals. Because it will undoubtedly be worth the investment if we can help you.

I have/will miss a few live workshops. Is it possible to get a partial refund for this?
No, we do not offer refunds for missed live sessions, because you are able to watch the recorded versions of all sessions and attend any office hours. The live sessions are an added benefit to the cou...

I don't need the rest of the course; can I transfer the rest of my enrollment to someone else?
There are no transfers mid-way through the course. The class is only for the student who enrolled. Sharing or transferring ownership is against our policy and will result in legal repercussions. All o...

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