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How does your course work? What is the structure of it?
The structure of the class is as follows: Six pre-recorded lectures (each 4-5 hours in length), with homework assigned after each lecture. Each lecture goes over key strategies that are built upon eac...

When are live sessions with Jack typically held?
Any day of the week (Monday-Sunday) at 12 PM ET, 7 PM ET, or 8 PM ET. All sessions are recorded.

Will the course teach me how to finish the passages on time?
Our students do not have timing issues as long as they really listen to Jack's advice from day one. Some of the things we do or say are things most students would not agree with. That's the biggest se...

Will I benefit from the course if I am weak in vocabulary?
Vocabulary has very little to do with this exam...

How long will I have access to the course?
Students have the option of enrolling in a 45, 90 or 180 day class. Each class covers the same exact content. Students can acheive mastery in the skills in as little as 45 days, however, many student ...

Is it possible to take the CARS Strategy Course while studying for the science sections of the exam?
Yes. Many students decide to take the course while studying for the other sections of the MCAT or while working a full time job (not recommended but can be done), or while in school...

How soon do your classes get filled to capacity?
Typically, three weeks prior to the official start date. However, classes fill up over a month in advance as we approach MCAT season.

If I sign up for your course, do you guarantee my scores will improve?
We cannot guarantee you will improve, because we don't know you. Will you actually follow our strategies? Will you work hard? Will you stay focused on test day? 

If you do wel...

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