Frequently Asked

  • Who should sign up for your online course?
    Pre-medical students who want to approach the MCAT -specifically the CARS section of the exam - strategically.
  • Do you offer one-on-one assistance or an hourly rate instead of a course?
    I do not offer one-on-one help because I do not think it is as effective. In the course, students get to hear other students' questions and how other students think. It's also a very fun way to learn. I also do not offer an hourly rate because students need around 30 hours of teaching time/ reinforcement to master CARS. Each student in the course receives over 100 hours of teaching time (live and recorded sessions).
  • I am a slow learner and I'm concerned the course will be too fast-paced for me.
    I go at a pace that is just right for every student. Everything I teach is really easy to understand but I still repeat myself over and over again throughout the course. (Many of my students tell me that my voice is in their heads on test day). If you want further clarification on anything I discuss or assign as homework, I have office hours after each session. All sessions are recorded and you have access to all lectures, workshops, and content during your access period.
  • My exam is in a couple of weeks and I don't have six weeks to complete your course, should I sign up anyways and attend only the first couple of weeks?
    I always recommend completing the entire course before taking the exam (which means giving yourself six weeks). But even if you only attend and participate in the first two weeks/ sessions, you can fundamentally change how you approach the CARS section. You can sign up and it will help you but it won't help as much as completing the entire course. I do not give discounts for this and if you miss the remaining course sessions you cannot make them up in the future. If you do not attend the sessions for the course you enrolled in, you forfeit those sessions.
  • What makes your services different from MCAT preparation companies?
    I only teach the strategy portion of the exam- not the content portion. The MCAT is a critical thinking exam. Content makes up roughly 30% of the exam while critical thinking accounts for around 70%. While knowing content is necessary to succeed, without a proper method of approaching passages, you will not be efficient and most likely not finish the exam on time. Every section of this exam has passages to read and corresponding questions. I teach passage-based deduction. This means how to analyze an MCAT passage the way AAMC (the MCAT developers) want you to. You will learn how to finish the exam right on time without sacrificing accuracy. You will also learn to control your frustration and anxiety. Overall, the exam will become simpler and more do-able.
  • How did you learn how to teach this way?
    I have been teaching only the MCAT Verbal / CARS section for over 10 years. In this time, I completed thousands of hours of teaching time and I have taught thousands of students. This experience has taught me how to best guide students into understanding basic principles and reinforcing the foundation necessary to think like a top-scorer. In addition to this, I also studied for this exam when I was a pre-medical student. I understand first-hand how difficult and daunting this exam can be. My number one goal is to show you how simple the MCAT really is and to show you common pitfalls the MCAT presents. I believe this will help improve your confidence and your overall score on the exam.
  • Do you have any SDN Reviews or reviews from prior students that I can read?
    Yes, if you click on the Reviews tab at the bottom of the page you will see reviews from my prior and current students. Students can leave their honest reviews on SDN (, the most popular pre-medical website on the internet. I have no control or access to what my students write on this site. I cannot edit or delete the reviews since it's ran by a non-profit organization- not me. Anyone with an SDN Login can post on this thread.
  • You don't have a trial session date that works with my schedule. When are your other trial session times?
    I post new trial session times weekly on the trial page. Please check the trial session page again to find my next available times.
  • Do you guarantee a high score or major improvement after taking your course?
    I cannot guarantee a high score or major improvement. There are many factors that contribute to a good score (independent study time, the correct way to study, sleep, exercise, controlling personal stresses, test day anxiety, and other personal matters). I can never fully control these factors. I can guarantee that if you take this course seriously you will completely understand what you need to do in order to succeed. You will know exactly how to read to find the important information in the passage. You will also learn how to answer any question they throw at you with 100% accuracy. However, doing this under testing conditions is very challenging and only you can accomplish this. I will serve as your guide / coach /mentor and give you the reinforcement and knowledge that is necessary to achieve a 127+ on the exam. I typically have students who improve as much as 8-10 points but I also have students who do not improve at all. The difference really comes down to how hard you work, how willing you are make mistakes and learn from them, how careful you are with the methods are describe, and so on. Good students do very well. I believe that any student who gives me a chance and keeps an open mind has an opportunity to make a significant improvement on this exam. I know this exam like the back of my hand and I know how to teach it. But if you are not willing to listen you will be wasting your time and money. If you listen and work hard you will be very satisfied with your investment.
  • I know your course focuses on AAMC passages but I have already gone through them many times before or they seem familiar to me. Will I be at a disadvantage?
    It makes no difference to your improvement. You could have done each passage a hundred times before the course and it still wouldn't affect your improvement. Nearly all of my students have gone through this material prior to enrolling. This is because you will be learning a skill. You will be asked to show me how you reached the right answer to questions and why. You cannot memorize why. I actually believe doing the AAMC passages prior to my course is advantageous. This is because you will be shocked and amazed how easy and simple the exam truly is once you see how I break it down.
  • I previously took or am currently taking lessons with a test prep company, how do I go about studying?
    Regardless of if you have taken sessions with a prep company before or if you are currently doing so, I strongly advise you to come into my course with a blank slate. Don't try to "mix" strategies or try to use what other companies have told you with what I tell you. You have to completely trust me and pretend you are starting from scratch. If you are currently in a test-prep course, I highly advise you to not listen to their CARS strategy or show up for those specific sessions. I'm sure whatever company you are enrolled with is a great company but I truly believe in sticking to one strategy. I am positive the strategy I show you for CARS is the exact why the AAMC expects you to approach it. But feel free to use whatever strategy you are comfortable with and stick to it.
  • I'm on a tight budget / I have already signed up for another test prep company- do you offer a discount?
    I do not offer discounts. I give every single student my best price. I do have one or two promotions a year for those who work hard and take advantage of my free resources because I want to help students who work hard and try their best.
  • Do you offer installment payment planning?
    Yes. Depending on which class length you sign up for you can either pay the entire tuition at once or you can pay a tenth of the payment once a week for 10 weeks. For example, if you plan to sign up for the 1.5 month course which is currently $1450 USD, you will pay $145 per week for 10 weeks. First installment is charged at enrollment. Students who enroll via installment planning are required to pay for the entire course even if they do not attend all of the sessions. It is a contractual agreement in which they are reserving their spot for the entirety of the course.
  • Do I have to make it to every live session?
    All live sessions are recorded in case you cannot attend. You can watch them at any time during your access period. I have 2-4 live sessions each week where the live session schedule varies each week to accomodate all students in the course. They can occur on any weeknight at 7 or 8 PM EST or on weekends at 12, 7 or 8 PM EST. For example, I could have one live session on Monday at 7 PM EST, Thursday at 8 PM EST, Saturday at 12 PM EST, and Sunday at 7 PM EST. Or on another week I could have Tuesday at 7 PM EST, Wednesday at 8 PM EST, Friday at 7 PM EST, and Sunday at 12 PM EST. I love teaching so I try to have as many live sessions I possibly can.
  • Do I need to speak with you in order to enroll?
    No. Once you enroll, you will be given a syllabus on how to proceed.
  • I'm in high school or am a freshman in college. What should I do now before I enroll in your course?
    To all of my future students: regardless of when you enroll, I recommend that you (1) read everyday and (2) notecard vocabulary words you do not know.

    When you read everyday, try to read for at least an hour. Two hours is ideal but I realize that you may not have this luxury given your hectic schedule. If you can read for 1-2 hours daily for two years before taking the course, you will find the entire exam easier. But if you haven't been reading for a while, you can still do well. Even if you just enrolled a month before your first session, start reading daily.

    When it comes to what you should read, I recommend changing it up every week or two. I don't consider textbooks or scientific research articles reading material. Reading material can include a novel you find interesting or anything written at a college level. Make sure it's not so dense where you don't understand a thing it's saying. But it should be on the challenging side.

    Some of my recommendations:

    - 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene (anything by Robert Greene)
    - Game of Thrones books
    - The Economist Magazine
    - The Atlantic Journal
    - (essays and opinions section)
  • How is your CARS Strategy Course structured?
    There are six lectures where I teach all the major strategies students need to learn. Each lecture is 4-5 hours long. Students are responsible for watching these lectures on their on time each week. This is done so that students have time to digest the material and to learn it at their own pace. Each lecture has a homework associated with it (6 homework in total) that explain precisely what a student should do before going to the next lecture. The course also includes live workshops which act as discussions. This is where students participate and go through the strategies they learned for the lecture. They receive individualized feedback in the workshops. These live workshops cover the homework, daily passages or AAMC practice exams. All workshops are also pre-recorded in case you cannot attend live sessions each week. Students have access to the entire course for either 1.5, 3, or 6 months from the start date depending on which version of the course they sign up for. The only difference between the course versions is the length of time they have access to the content and live sessions. Some students prefer to study over a longer period of time. Regardless of which course you sign up for, if you complete the content you will master CARS and you will acquire a skill that you can use for a lifetime. It is similar in size and scope to a university level course. There is also office hours (time for questions on anything about the course including other homework) at the end of nearly all live sessions. Each live workshop is 2-3 hours long. Students can expect 2-3 live workshops a week and the workshop times vary each week to accomodate various student schedules. All workshops are also recorded in case they cannot attend or would like to watch it on their spare time.
  • I am working, taking college courses, or studying the other sections of the exam while I am taking your course. I'm worried I won't have 2-3 hours a day to study. What do you recommend?
    The 2-3 hours of daily studying is necessary to master CARS in six weeks. If you want to complete the course in 3 months you'll need to study an hour per day on average. You can also elect to finish the course in 6 months where you study an hour every other day.

    Regardless, students benefit greatly by attending course sessions alone. At the very least, you must do an hour of independent study time every other day to keep up with the course material. The closer your schedule resembles what I recommend, the better your chances are of mastering CARS in six weeks. If you can't commit to 2-3 hours of independent study time every day you can still improve but you may need more time to master CARS (6 weeks or more).
  • I just found out about you and my exam date is near. Can I still sign up?
    If your exam is over four weeks away and you have time to dedicate to CARS I would recommend signing up for the 1.5 month course. You may not finish the entire course but you will certainly grasp the critical foundations necessary to do well. I have had many students do this with success but it's not recommended unless you can finish at least 4 out of the 6 lectures.
  • What kind of strategy do you teach?
    I teach students how to analyze MCAT passages the correct way. This includes exactly how to read the passages and answer the questions.
  • Is your method different from other methods?
    I cannot speak for test-prep companies but I am confident that I can teach you the right way to take the exam. I don't even like calling it a "strategy" because what I am going to show you is how to naturally think through the exam like a top-scorer. In the beginning it will seem like a step by step process - because it is. But you will find yourself naturally thinking the right way without being aware of the steps involved.
  • Can I apply the strategy you teach me to the other sections of the MCAT?
    Yes. The MCAT changed in 2015 to become an even more critical thinking exam. Content has become less and less important over the past ten years. The entire exam is passage-based which means you can apply what you learn for CARS to the other sections. Students who learn to use the strategy the right way have reported higher scores in the other sections of the exam. Although my course is classified as a CARS course, my goal is to teach you how to approach the entire exam. I devote time throughout the course and especially the last lecture (lecture #6) to applying what you have learned to the other sections of the exam (Physical, Biological, and Behavioral).
  • I get anxious when I study or practice. Will you help me on a psychological level as well?
    The MCAT is a very easy exam. What makes it difficult is the intimidation factor. If you get anxious it's because the MCAT is designed to make you doubt yourself. My course is all about understanding how the MCAT asks questions. Once you realize what their motives are and you see a pattern to their questions, you will feel a lot better about this exam. I also give you advice on how to approach this test without getting emotional.
  • What is a Free Trial Session?
    I offer a free session to pre-medical students who are interested to see how I teach. There are no obligations to sign up after the session. In this session you will see the structure of my course and the fundamentals of what I teach. You can sign up for a free trial session on the home or course page.
  • Do I have to take the Free Trial Session in order to enroll in the course?
    No, it is not necessary. A majority of students enroll without attending a trial session.
  • If I take your course and I don't do well, can I get a refund of any kind?
    I have a no refund policy for all of my services. If you do not perform to a level you are satisfied with, please email me and I can help you understand what went wrong and how to proceed. I am willing to help you until you are completely done with this exam. As long as you don't give up on yourself, I will always be your coach and mentor.
  • When will you post future course dates?
    We have at least one new course every month. Check back every month for new dates.
  • Do you recommend that I don't take a test-prep company course?
    I don't think it's necessary. If you listen to what I have to say about studying for the other sections of the exam and if you understand what I teach in the CARS course, you will be totally prepared. Test-prep courses help in one major way: it gives you a structured schedule to follow. But their content is still readily available to purchase without enrollment in a course.
  • My friends and I have decided to enroll your course. Can you give us a discount?
    We do not have group discounts.
  • How soon do your courses get filled to capacity?
    Our courses are usually filled up to a month before the start date. We recommend enrolling early to ensure a spot. Please look for the "Course Status" section of the course you're interested in. If the status is "OPEN" there are still spots available. If the status is "FULL" the course has been filled to capacity.
  • Can I leave a deposit to save my spot?
    We do not accept deposits to save spots for students.
  • I'm worried Jack will "retire" by the time I'm ready to take your course. What do you recommend?
    We plan to teach and guide students of all kinds for many years. Helping future doctors is a humbling experience and we're passionate about doing our best to help you.
  • I have just paid for the CARS Strategy course, are you going to email me with confirmation of my enrollment?
    Once you enroll, you will gain access to the course, including the syllabus. Please read the syllabus as soon as you can for further directions.
  • Can I pay as I go or only for certain course sessions?
    We do not offer pay as you go or a lower price for a select amount of sessions. But we do offer installment planning. With installment planning, you are required to pay for the entire course regardless of how much of the course students decide to use. It is a binding contract.
  • How much independent study time do you require outside of course sessions?
    This depends on which version of the course students enroll in. To finish the course in six weeks we recommend 2-3 hours of independent study time outside of the course every day for 6 weeks. To complete the course in 3 months we recommend an hour of independent study time per day. To complete the course in six months we recommend an hour every other day. This will allow you to finish all lectures, the important parts of each homework assignment, and attend or watch at least 2-3 workshops for each lecture. For the homework we assign after each lecture, you will be reading, going over practice passages, and studying notes from the course.
  • Can students email Jack questions about the material whenever they have any?
    Write down your questions on a piece of paper and ask Jack during live sessions or office hours. We prefer answering any questions in-session rather than by email because we can better explain concepts this way. We can also ask you follow-up questions to your specific questions to make sure your questions are completely answered. You are always welcome to email us general questions about the course, concerns about your progress, or anything else related to the course itself.
  • I'm scoring very low on my practice CARS exams or I took the exam and scored low on the CARS section. Are you sure you can help me in 6 weeks?
    Some students may need more time to master CARS simply due to lacking reading comprehension ability. 95% of our students have the necessary reading comprehension ability to master CARS in six weeks. But if you fall in the category that we believe needs additional time, we'll will let you know during the free trial session or throughout the course. If your reading comprehension level is low, you can still master CARS. You just need to give yourself more time to prepare. Jack will be teaching you how to improve your reading comprehension. We always recommend giving yourself ample amounts of time to do well on this exam.
  • What do you mean by the correct way of taking the exam? What does that mean?
    If you don't know what you read or lose focus while you read, you are most likely not approaching the exam the right way. This causes panic and anxiety which decreases your confidence and thus lowers your scoring potential. Jack will show you, step by step, how to read and answer the questions for this exam. This means how to actively read for the big ideas of each paragraph - without getting lost, frustrated, or confused. This also includes understanding why certain answer choices are wrong and why the correct answer is the best answer.
  • I am a very mathematical/ methodological / systematic type of learner. Are you saying there are steps that can help me master CARS?
    Yes. There are steps you need to learn in order to understand how simple this exam is. Many of our students are brilliant, highly motivated individuals but they struggle with this exam. They struggle because they are too smart and overthink the exam. If you follow the steps and advice Jack outlines in the course, the exam will become simpler.
  • My biggest concern is timing. I never finish on time. Do you help with this?
    Yes. We help with every aspect of CARS and the strategy portion of the entire exam. Our students who studied and took the time to prepare finish every section right on time or with up to five minutes to spare.
  • What software do you use to teach online? Is there something I need to download before my course starts? What kind of computer or mobile device do I need?
    Throughout the past five years we have invested in developing our own classroom. You can use any device that connects to the internet (desktop, laptop, iPhone, or iPad) to enter the classroom. The voice quality is perfect and you will be able to communicate via your microphone. If you ever have any technical difficulties you are always welcome to contact us and we'll resolve the issue as soon as possible.
  • What material do we use in the course? Do I need to buy or have any material before my course begins?
    We specifically use AAMC Official MCAT CARS Question Packs Volume 1 and Volume 2. As well as AAMC Official MCAT2015 Sample Test, Practice Exam 1, Practice Exam 2, and Practice Exam 3. You should purchase the MCAT CARS Question Packs Volume 1 and 2 before you begin the course. You will not need the practice exams until after the course or near the end of the course.
  • When should I take your course?
    We recommend enrolling in a CARS Strategy Course as soon as possible, especially if you think CARS is going to be your most challenging section on the exam. The best time to take the course is right before you start studying for the MCAT or 2-3 months before you start studying. Up to a year in advance is what we recommend. However, we have many students who enroll while they study for the exam and that is perfectly fine as well. What we're going to teach you is a skill. It's just like driving a car or typing on your computer. The more time you give yourself to practice this skill the better you will be at it.
  • Do I have to be a citizen of the U.S. to enroll?
    You do not have to be a U.S. citizen. Students from all around the world, especially from Canada, enroll every month. All session times are based on the Eastern Standard Time zone (New York Time). So if you live in a country far from that region of the U.S., you may need to accommodate your schedule.
  • When is the latest time I can enroll in a course?
    Enrollment ends as soon as the course status reads "FULL".
  • If I miss a session can I make it up later in the week or could I join another course to make it up?
    All sessions are recorded in case you miss a live session.
  • I'm a parent and I'm looking for someone to help my son / daughter. Can you help him / her? Can you update me on their progress?
    Many of our students find us through their parents google searching for help. We're sure we can help your child as long as they listen to what we have to say. If your child gives us your email after they are enrolled, we can contact you if we believe they are struggling with the course.

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