MCAT CARS Practice Exams

Jack’s goal is to create CARS exams that are truly similar in every detail.

Our Philosophy

Relentless Pursuit of the Highest Quality

• All passages found by Jack to have exact language, topics, style, and length of AAMC CARS.

• Exact testing interface

• Passages Identical to AAMC CARS Vol 1/2, Sample Test, Exam 1, Exam 2

• All questions and answer choices written by Jack to have exact logic and critical thinking of AAMC CARS.

• All question types accounted for in the same level of difficulty and frequency.

Daily MCAT CARS Practice

New MCAT CARS passage every morning.

Letter to Students

Dear Prospective Medical Student,

I'm an online MCAT CARS tutor. My goal is to help you master the CARS section. I firmly believe when you master CARS, you'll think like a top scorer (129 range). My sessions are offered through a web conferencing platform. I will show you step-by-step how to read passages and answer every question.

As an MCAT instructor, I have taught over a thousand students from around the world. I'm effective because I love to teach and I simplify the MCAT. You'll learn how to master the MCAT. As an MCAT CARS tutor, I only teach the CARS section of the MCAT. Yet, everything I show you can and will be applied to the other three sections.

If you attend a free trial session, you'll see how simple this exam is. I will also assess your abilities and show you how I teach.

I offer a strategy course. The MCAT is roughly 70% critical thinking (passage-based deduction) and 30% content. My teaching focuses on the 70%. Being able to think critically is key to achieving a high overall score.

I will show you how to read passages and answer questions the strategic way, the way the MCAT wants you to do it. You will learn how to finish each section on time. You'll also learn how to mentally view this exam. When you understand CARS, you will understand how and why the MCAT asks the questions they ask. If you are willing to listen to me and put in the work, any score is in your reach.

I wish you the best of luck in your studies!

Jack Westin