Office Hours

Workshops /Office Hours

ATTENTION all current students┬áplease log into your account and access workshop schedule and click “enter workshop” button from your dashboard.

ATTENTION all alumni students who have since completed the course, please log into workshops by logging into your account and accessing “Alumni Resources” tab from the dashboard.

If you are an alumni without a login account, please email me.


Workshops / Office hours sessions are held online almost every week and are two hours in length. Students can join these sessions each week until they feel they have mastered CARS (even after the course ends) as long as I believe you are working hard each week to attain mastery. This does not apply to students who stop studying and decide to restudy months or years later. This is for students who are making a continuous effort to improve week after week. I do make exceptions to students who need a refresher for the strategies learned.

The session time varies each week to accomodate students’ schedules.

In workshops, I will address any problems or concerns you may have about studying. I can also answer any specific questions about the material I assign weekly.