CARS Strategy Course

Learn how to take the MCAT the right way.

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online course and practice exams
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Proven Strategy

simplifying the entire exam
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have mastered CARS

Try a free session with Jack Westin this week

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One Instructor
Jack only teaches CARS and has helped students of all levels improve, including ESL.
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Online CARS Course
An intensive 6 week online course focused on critical thinking skills.
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Improve Timing
Course helps perfect timing and accuracy.
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CARS Homework
Weekly homework and office hours to master CARS.
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Interactive Course
Students are actively engaged and encouraged to ask questions during lessons.
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Courses Offered Monthly
Courses target every MCAT 2016 exam date.

"I believe I can level the playing field by giving every student access to effective, affordable, and engaging MCAT CARS preparation."

Jack Westin


I like Jack's way of tutoring and more than that his style of teaching you as a friend.


You have to be willing to put in A LOT OF WORK. He had me reading 1 to 3 hours/day, with verbal passage practice on top of that. It was not easy and at times very stressful, but it was absolutely worth it!


Overall: He is awesome. I definitely recommend him. He will instill confidence in you and confidence is key to performing well on this exam.


My verbal score doubled, and I plan to attend medical school this fall. I couldn't have done it without Jack!

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