MCAT CARS Strategy Course

Learn how to take the MCAT CARS Section the right way.

One Instructor

Jack Westin, an MCAT CARS(Verbal) tutor, only teaches CARS and has helped students of all levels improve, including ESL.

Online Classroom

An intensive 6 week online course focused on critical thinking skills for MCAT CARS help.

Improve Timing

Course helps perfect timing and accuracy for the Critical Analysis and Reasoning Skills section of the MCAT.

MCAT CARS Practice

Homework, office hours, and workshops to practice and master MCAT CARS.

Interactive Course

Students are actively engaged and encouraged to ask questions during lessons.

Reading Comprehension

Course emphasizes reading comprehension practice to improve verbal skills for all sections of the MCAT.

MCAT CARS Practice Exams

All passages found by Jack to have exact language, topics, style, and length of AAMC CARS.

Daily MCAT CARS Practice

New MCAT CARS passage every morning.